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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
11-Nov-1999 06-Dec-1999 10-Dec-1999 OFFER_SALE Offer for Sale 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
15-Feb-2001 05-Apr-2001 26-Apr-2001 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 0.5% Dividend Detail
07-Feb-2002 04-Apr-2002 22-Apr-2002 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1.3% Dividend Detail
29-Jan-2003 24-Mar-2003 09-Apr-2003 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1.5% Dividend Detail
29-Jan-2004 24-Mar-2004 09-Apr-2004 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1.5% Dividend Detail
27-Jan-2005 23-Mar-2005 08-Apr-2005 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1.5% Dividend Detail
26-Jan-2006 24-Mar-2006 25-Apr-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 0.7% Dividend Detail
30-Jan-2007 28-Mar-2007 26-Apr-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 0.45% Dividend Detail
30-Jan-2008 27-Mar-2008 25-Apr-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 0.8% Dividend Detail
30-Jan-2013 21-Mar-2013 23-Apr-2013 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
28-Jan-2014 24-Mar-2014 23-Apr-2014 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
08-Jan-2015 20-Jan-2015 22-Jan-2015 STOCK_SPLIT Others 2 : 1 Dividend Detail
17-Feb-2015 03-Mar-2015 05-Mar-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
21-Feb-2017 02-Mar-2017 06-Mar-2017 IPO Entitlement to IPO 0 : 0 Dividend Detail
14-Jan-2021 27-Jan-2021 10-Feb-2021 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
24-Jun-2021 08-Jul-2021 23-Jul-2021 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
27-Jan-2022 14-Feb-2022 28-Feb-2022 DIVIDEND Second Interim Dividend RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
25-Mar-2022 08-Apr-2022 11-Apr-2022 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1.0000 : 5.0000 Dividend Detail
16-Jun-2022 06-Jul-2022 21-Jul-2022 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.0200 Dividend Detail
15-Sep-2022 04-Oct-2022 20-Oct-2022 DIVIDEND Second Interim Dividend RM 0.0100 Dividend Detail
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imvu oh no ?
26/05/2022 10:28 AM
prudentinvestor Has been dropping for almost two months now. Looks like it still hasn't reached the bottom yet but should be quite safe to invest at this level.
26/05/2022 11:40 AM
Havefun Is it due to the bonus issue?
26/05/2022 3:27 PM
tts752 what happening?
26/05/2022 4:03 PM
1pingpong pls drop further to 0.55 range... my basketses waiting for you
28/05/2022 3:15 PM
carimakan aiyoo boleh smp 0.55 sen ka? pengsan ini maciam.
30/05/2022 12:09 PM
prudentinvestor It didn't drop below 70 sen recently, hopefully it has bottomed out and en route to recovery. Hopefully I am right.
31/05/2022 5:07 PM
pathfinder prudentinvestor is probably right.
01/06/2022 1:30 PM
Legend Sapu la...apa tunggu.
01/06/2022 3:56 PM
Legend Hijau yang cantik
01/06/2022 4:54 PM
wallstreetrookie Ecoworld price target: RM0.30
Interest rate hike will impact property development company the MOST. No exception. Even 0.01bps hike will severely damage Ecoworld's profit margins. Whoever is optimistic on this company is insane
06/06/2022 3:08 PM
wallstreetrookie Sell it all. Don't fall in love with a stock. Sell. It. All.
06/06/2022 3:09 PM
wallstreetrookie Sell before insiders dump more. Don't let them dump their shares on you. Let it free fall. Institutions will keep creating fake bear rally and bounces to entice dip-buyers. Sell. It. All.
06/06/2022 3:12 PM
wallstreetrookie Short-sell
06/06/2022 3:12 PM
RWG ringgit drop, many foreigner will buy house in msia
08/06/2022 3:29 PM
investor001 The upcoming quarterly report is expected to be good. If the company can earn at least 60 million and announce at least 2 sen dividend, the share price will be on uptrend again.
09/06/2022 7:32 PM
Havefun Can any kind soul there enlighten me how the bonus issue warrant work? I am so confused.
10/06/2022 10:06 AM
Brutus Solid QR! Thank you for the generous dividend!
16/06/2022 6:59 PM
prudentinvestor If Ecoworld can maintain its earnings in the final two quarters and declare another 2 sen as final dividend, it is trading at a prospective PE of around 10 and a dividend yield of almost 6%. What more do investors expect?
16/06/2022 8:09 PM
Brutus @Havefun, the Free Warrants are given to eligible shareholder the right but not the obligation to exercise the warrant into mothershare @ RM 1.16 per share within the 7 year's time frame.
16/06/2022 10:13 PM
wallstreetrookie Bad earnings
17/06/2022 2:16 PM
wallstreetrookie Ecoworld Maintain Underweight
Long term price target: RM0.30
17/06/2022 2:17 PM
wallstreetrookie Bank Negara will raise another 50bps in July
17/06/2022 2:17 PM
BILLC 30 sen impossible,,,,,40 sen maybe,,.,
17/06/2022 2:20 PM
wallstreetrookie 30 cent is possible
17/06/2022 2:24 PM
prudentinvestor Short 1 million Ecoworld shares now. If it drops to 30 sen, you get a Mercedes for free. Why are you still waiting?
17/06/2022 3:26 PM
samyipwl Company performance is acceptable in this QR. Property should be picking up slowly until 2023. If dividend remains at 2c every qtr, I guess is a good buy at this rate even if the gearing ratio is not too convincing. Cheers!
28/06/2022 11:26 AM
Brutus @samyipwl, ECOWLD dividend (if any) is half yearly, not quarterly payout.
28/06/2022 6:20 PM
samyipwl @brutus. Sorry my bad. Happy investing
30/06/2022 6:53 PM
Brutus @samyipwl, no worries, though I do wished it was 0.02 every quarter....lol
30/06/2022 8:31 PM
wallstreetrookie Ecoworld Maintain Underweight
With a medium target of RM0.30
04/07/2022 4:15 PM
wallstreetrookie Sell it all
04/07/2022 4:16 PM
RWG wait for 40sen
04/07/2022 4:54 PM
investor001 Bank Negara will most likely increase the OPR by 25 basis points.

This is still acceptable.
04/07/2022 10:29 PM
gbt_9428 good price for collection
05/07/2022 9:49 PM
RWG interest rate naik 0.25 again
06/07/2022 3:29 PM
RWG buy 200lot at 57sen try stay with ecoworld
06/07/2022 4:36 PM
RWG all sell sell buy back lower, keep repeating ecoworld also be holland world
06/07/2022 4:38 PM
Jonathan Keung Ecoworld in for a long long haul. Don't expect prices to go up with property market overhang. At 55 - 60 sen price range. Worthwhile to buy on dips . Yearly 2 sen dividend pay out seems reasonable
06/07/2022 6:56 PM
prudentinvestor Disposed of all my EcoWorld shares at around 80 to 85 sen a share at a loss. Was cursing when it went up to over RM1.10 a share.
06/07/2022 10:40 PM
investor001 HOC 2.0 is on the way.

"The National Housing Department DG Datuk Jayaselan Navaratnam said the extension of the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) is currently pending on the government’s approval.

“We are hoping that the additional 10% discount under the HOC will be available for this carnival and would cushion the rising interest rate and inflationary pressures to provide affordable prices for the people,” Navaratnam told reporters in the same press conference.

08/07/2022 12:02 AM
Jonathan Keung HOC may benefit first time buyer. Ecoworld market is more leverage towards more affluent group and not targeted towards affordable market sector.
08/07/2022 10:11 AM
rajachulan https://www.sinchew.com.my/20220714/%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD%E7%88%86%E7%83%82%E5%B0%BE%E6%A5%BC%E5%81%9C%E8%B4%B7%E6%BD%AE-%E6%94%BE%E8%B4%B7%E9%93%B6%E8%A1%8C%E6%91%87%E8%BA%AB%E5%8F%98%E8%8B%A6%E4%B8%BB/
15/07/2022 3:26 PM
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我自关山点酒 千秋皆入喉
我是千里故人 青山应白首
15/07/2022 3:41 PM
dragon328 https://klse.i3investor.com/web/blog/detail/dragon328/2022-08-12-story-h1627892545-IGBB_is_an_Awakening_Property_Giant_worth_at_least_RM6_75
12/08/2022 12:54 PM
RWG ecoworld forever best constrution in malaysia
24/08/2022 7:41 PM
RISK8888 not construction, is developer.
29/08/2022 11:11 AM
RISK8888 collect abit at this price, will go up in coming QR this month
01/09/2022 8:25 PM
Brutus Wow! Surprised that the management had decided to declare dividends for Q3 as well. Thank you for the generous payout.
15/09/2022 5:55 PM
limkokthye 1sen nia? Atlease 2-3sen
15/09/2022 8:07 PM

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