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24-Nov-2022 08-Dec-2022 29-Dec-2022 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.1398 Dividend Detail
03-Mar-2022 21-Mar-2022 13-Apr-2022 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.2100 Dividend Detail
28-Oct-2021 12-Nov-2021 26-Nov-2021 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.1800 Dividend Detail
15-Apr-2021 30-Apr-2021 02-Jun-2021 DIVIDEND Final Dividend (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) RM 0.0327 Dividend Detail
05-Mar-2020 08-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.0700 Dividend Detail
29-Apr-2019 15-May-2019 03-Jun-2019 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.17 Dividend Detail
08-Mar-2018 16-May-2018 08-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.23 Dividend Detail
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DividendGuy67 I have averaged down at $1.3x. The past 2 weeks, it seems to have stabilized after huge downfall from $1.9. Fundamentally, $1.3x is equal to its entire Net Cash position, meaning every other Net asset of the company is currently valued as zero. This usually means market is feeling extremely fearful. Notwitstanding, we already know its Net Cash will rapidly decline, as Company will convert Cash into Physical Assets, for its LINE project. If market keeps looking at Net Cash and putting Zero Value on all of its other assets, then, as Distressed Investor, I will keep buying at low prices because its other assets are not worth zero - it's worth something. If I take 100m and buy assets, the recent asset I bought should still be worth something close to 100m, not zero.
15/10/2022 5:48 PM
DividendGuy67 You can look at this company in several ways: (1) The Company's published Net Asset at 30/6 is 5.59. At 1.35, that is equal to 24 sen for every RM1. (2) At 1.35, the Company Market Value is RM3.1 billion. At 30/6, its Net Cash and Other Investment is worth RM3.2 billion i.e. all other assets in the company is effectively worth nil. (3) Its Net Cash and Other Investment is worth more than 1.35. Basically the remaining Net Asset (net of all liabilities) = 5.59 - 1.35 = 4.24 or roughly worth RM9.8 billion is valued by the market as ZERO. That's how much Margin of Safety there is in this stock. If this company gets liquidated, I think good odds total value receive from liquidating RM9.8 billion is worth a lot more than ZERO.
15/10/2022 5:58 PM
DividendGuy67 So, this stock price is still strongly downtrending and the past 2 weeks is just temporary support. We can't predict what price will do in the future, but if it breaks support, DO NOTHING until price shows us new support. Don't catch a falling knife. But if break support and stabilize to new support level, I will average down again there.
15/10/2022 6:00 PM
DividendGuy67 The Company is not a regular Dividend Payor. It's history since 2017 is either zero dividend, 1 payment or at most 2 payments. The dividend paid (if I get this correct) since 2017 is:
2017 - zero
2018 - 23 sen (1 payment)
2019 - 17 sen (1 payment)
2020 - 7 sen (1 payment)
2021 - 21 sen (2 payments)
2022 - 21 sen (1 payment)
2023 - ???
2024 - ???
2025 - ???
2026 - ???
2027 - ???

To own this stock as a dividend owner, you have to look over the next 5 years because by 2025, hopefully, the assets they invested in will become productive and generate dividends bigger than 21 sen one day ... so, this one have to be super patient.
15/10/2022 6:11 PM
DividendGuy67 I think, over next 5 years, the total dividend paid could look something like at least 50 sen. if so, that averages 10 sen annually over each year. So, a very prudent estimate of the average yearly dividend, over next 5 years, could be say 7 sen (the lowest it paid in 2020). 7 sen / 1.35 ~ 5%. Meaning if you buy at 1.35 and put it in a drawer and forget about this stock over the next 5 years, it is very good odds that not only will the company still be around, but probably have huge assets bigger than today. And to wait, you get paid on average 5% per year dividends in a very LUMPY fashion (i.e. 2023-2024 dividends could be zero, but 2025 could be something, 2026-2027 could be very large).

So, you must ignore price volatility in next 2 years, use weakness to prudently add, and don't measure your performance until after 2027.
15/10/2022 6:14 PM
Michael Kwok Price rm 1.35
Rm 1.40(resistance)
Rm 1.30(support)
Buy on breakout.Let till wednesday
16/10/22 8.24pm
16/10/2022 8:24 PM
Amazonboy Cheap...picked up a few lots...titan will rebound eventually...dividend yield looks
26/10/2022 7:03 PM
birkincollector lol hancur kena bombed left and right
27/10/2022 5:46 PM
shortinvestor77 More cash at hands lah.
27/10/2022 8:29 PM
Laiks1970 Solid cash flow.
27/10/2022 8:32 PM
xcu843 One day cash on hand will burn out if keep on rugi
27/10/2022 11:24 PM
Jonathan Keung Lctitan price spike higher despite 2qtr straight losses of 355.5 million. Market showed strong support despite unfavourable result. Closed at intra day high
28/10/2022 12:32 AM
Michael Kwok Price 1.46
Maybe 10 percent or more drop coming one of or by few days
28/10/22 12.50am
28/10/2022 12:50 AM
EatCoconutCanWin PN 17 soon. Rasua pagi makan pagi, rasua petang makan petang, rasua malam makan semua.
28/10/2022 7:54 AM
shortinvestor77 Cash and cash equivalents RM 2,072,600,000 as at 30 Sept 2022 compared to RM 1,842,009,000 as at 30 Sept 2021. On Page 29 of https://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=220651&name=EA_FR_ATTACHMENTS
28/10/2022 8:38 AM
shortinvestor77 No borowing from banks at all.
28/10/2022 8:39 AM
shortinvestor77 NTA Q3 RM5.69 compared to last Q2 NTA RM5.59. An increase of 10 cents. No play play.
28/10/2022 8:44 AM
shortinvestor77 Notwithstanding the external circumstances, the Company will continue to foster its strong financial
resilience and maintain the disciplined management of its costs and financial liquidity.
28/10/2022 8:47 AM
dompeilee Tikam some LCTitan @ 1.32
28/10/2022 10:30 AM
Plantermen Not positive to post consecutive 2Quarter losses with widenening operation losses Q-Q. - 355 million 3rd qtr vs - 146 million the previous 2nd quarter. What's worrying is the US plant continue to bled and the huge Indonesia Capexp Line expansion costing 18.8 billion coming in this uncertain times. Just my own views on their performance not a buy/or sell call
28/10/2022 10:32 AM
WAFFY1987 This counter will continued loss until 2025
28/10/2022 11:13 AM
Amazonboy Titan badly affected by China closure...they dont have backup plan...but still want to expand
28/10/2022 12:13 PM
aliyusof https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/lotte-chemical-titan-drops-10-after-posting-second-straight-quarterly-loss?type=malaysia
28/10/2022 2:25 PM
NatsukoMishima @Jonathan Keung

3,829 posts

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 14 hours ago | Report Abuse

Lctitan price spike higher despite 2qtr straight losses of 355.5 million. Market showed strong support despite unfavourable result. Closed at intra day high
Dont be conned by pump n dump , this stock has bad history , not many people dare to touch , only newbie buy !
28/10/2022 2:57 PM
nasgee 1.20 cominggg...sooonn
28/10/2022 3:13 PM
dompeilee I suspect quite a few here scare-mongering & shorted this morning...they need to short-cover back very soon...
28/10/2022 4:10 PM
Jonathan Keung Yup.holfing LCtitan for the past 1 year. Used to be a dividend play counter ? but the latest string of bad result has changed the dynamics. 2023 may be another tough year
29/10/2022 6:20 PM
Plantermen LCTITAN downgrade and reduce position by CGS - Cimb analyst { Raymond Yap} on Saturday. A negative gross margin showed a dire situation as naphtha demand from crackers fell and plummeted. YAP cited a lower target price 94 sen for { LCTITAN}. Full article in the Edge
29/10/2022 11:04 PM
investortrader88 Managed to top up some tickets at RM1.30.good luck guys.
01/11/2022 9:08 AM
Jonathan Keung Today market bad. Sentiment dragged down by BN rate hike. Lctitan marginal down -.04 to 1.26 { limited selling pressure } unlike KLCI stocks .KLCI down 31 points to 1420
03/11/2022 5:52 PM
Jonathan Keung Chart sideway . Expect trade between 1.25- 1.30
07/11/2022 8:39 AM
kasinathan Rm1 is coming
13/11/2022 6:58 AM
dompeilee dompeilee

Tikam some LCTitan @ 1.32

3 weeks ago

Finally in the $$$$$! Thank GOODness!!!
22/11/2022 8:10 PM
Jnlee special dividends
24/11/2022 8:40 PM
Jnlee 13.98 not bad
24/11/2022 8:41 PM
speakup https://www.thesundaily.my/local/monday-holiday-announces-anwar-DE10270762
More good news! Tomorrow CI+30!
24/11/2022 10:31 PM
DividendGuy67 Nice Special Dividends, nearly 13.98 sen, roughly 50% of PATAMI. Good that this stock takes care of its shareholders with its dividend policy. Otherwise, its expansion that consumes cash with no payouts to shareholder looks wrong. This will be my biggest dividend to be collected. I'm glad I averaged down again at 1.31, but average cost is still 1.62xx.
25/11/2022 12:26 AM
dompeilee Bought more LCTitan @ the 1.53 open, averaging up my cost & boosting my holding to over 30 lots from just 7.5 yesterday
25/11/2022 9:02 AM
dompeilee Hehe...all chasing the large dividend...the huge loss from last mth forgotten lol!
25/11/2022 9:26 AM
dompeilee Mkt down like siao...LCTitan can only keep going up heading to Dec 7th :)
25/11/2022 9:40 AM
JunHoHoHoHo Petrochemical producer Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Bhd has declared a special dividend of 13.98 sen per share for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2022, payable on Dec 29, 2022.
25/11/2022 1:15 PM
JunHoHoHoHo President and chief executive officer Park Hyun Chul said this would amount to a total dividend payout of RM318.4mil, translating into a dividend yield of 9.58% based on the closing share price of RM1.46 on Nov 24, 2022.

“This special dividend is intended to reward our shareholders for their continued and unwavering support,” he said in a statement.
25/11/2022 1:16 PM
JunHoHoHoHo It will continue to focus on its growth and expansion in Indonesia through the Lotte Chemical Indonesia new ethylene project and bring value to its shareholders. — Bernama
25/11/2022 1:16 PM
DividendGuy67 Market now realizes that LCTITAN NTA is 5.6x. When it was trading at 1.2x, market forgot that its cash holdings were greater than that. In other words, Market was so pessimistic that LCTITAN won't reward its shareholders, that it only saw the 2 quarterly losses and forgot that there's so much cash in the coffers. And LCTITAN could pay out its cash more than RM1.2x if it wanted to. And now, with just 13.98 sen dividend, market changes its mind that LCTITAN could pay shareholder more than RM1.2x and still not need to take up debts immediately (but eventually will have to to fund for Indonesia capex expansion) but even then, its NTA of 5.6x speaks of a lot of buffer there, where Debt / Equity, even if add another RM1 is still healthy. This stock got beaten so badly, when foreigners come back to Malaysia, they will look at this stock and realize how cheap it was trading just a month ago ...
25/11/2022 5:15 PM
dompeilee Now only dividend chasers, including some local & foreign funds
25/11/2022 6:42 PM
rickygiam careful everyone! I bought lctitan when announce special dividend on nov 2021, price then was 2.48. It went down holland until now. Lctitan just announce special dividend to slowly take back some money for own use. Later will catch investor who chase this counter......
28/11/2022 5:12 PM
dompeilee Nov '21 was just before the current bear market. 90% of all stocks also drop until mother cannot recognise face until now...& in this case, compounded by poor quarterly results.
29/11/2022 7:28 AM
stockraider At this price....LCT no brainer buy loh!
29/11/2022 8:48 AM
dompeilee Up another 3c to 161! Up 8c from my last entry :)
29/11/2022 9:08 AM
dompeilee 1.63 :) I predict it can easily reach 1.70 by Dec 7th :)
29/11/2022 9:35 AM

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