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Market Cap: 64 Million
NOSH: 4,295 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):802,657
4 Weeks Range:0.015 - 0.02
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.015 - 0.03
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target:-

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Dec-2022 [#3]  |  24-Feb-2023
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Mar-2023  |  30-May-2023
T4Q P/E | EY: -5.28  |  -18.93%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.0618  |  0.24
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -19.58%  |  -4.60%


Date Subject
01-Apr-2022 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 1 Apr 2022
01-Apr-2022 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Apr 2022

Business Background

Talam Transform Bhd is an investment holding company, which engages in the property development and management services. It operates through the following segments: Property Development; Property Investment and Management; and Hotel and Recreation. The Property Development segment engages in investment holdings, development of residential and commercial properties. The Property Investment and Management segment deals with the rental of properties and provision of management fees. The Hotel and Recreation segment operates and manages hotel and club and other related services.
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berbolabiru interesting company
18/08/2022 8:03 PM
lassy After all the hard works done by Tan Sri Chan and the late EX mentri Khalid transforming TALAM to TALAM T .I really don't see a way TALAM T will close shop in the near future.Over here I will use SMALL MONEY to make BIG BUCK tactics just buy 500,000 shares @ 0.015 or 2sen and hold on to it and it is better than buying the OVER SUPPLY condo. If I am not mistaken TALAMT latest JV development has opted to build landed double storey houses and LEAVING OUT THE CONDO unit.
18/08/2022 8:13 PM
lassy Do not worry if you have bought RM5k worth of Talam share @ 2sen and lost RM1,000 today because by tomorrow morning at 9am it will bounce back to 2 sen but by closing time operator might throw 100 shares to bring it down to 0.015sen again.
18/08/2022 8:21 PM
lassy Just like what i say sendiwara a few lots at 0.015sen before closing .For 0.015 sen a share for a going concern with land assets backing the price is ridiculously LOW because it is CHEAPER than the PN17 counter and those about to close shop ANYTIME
19/08/2022 10:53 AM
lassy For the price of 2 sen I will not buy or cue because already bought 100K shares for keeping so will que at 0.015sen only.MUST NOT GREEDY just buy abit will do if not operator won't be happy .HOW CAN SIDE INVESTOR EARN MORE than the operator. HAHA
19/08/2022 10:58 AM
lassy This type of 2sen counter is very easy to manipulate by EXPERIENCE operator since the price is at the LOWEST END with tight liquidity and only a hew hundred thousand shares traded.and even with a consolidation excercise coming will not lower down the share price because the asset is still the same.UNLESS SHARE DILUTION happen to TalamT
19/08/2022 11:12 AM
lassy According to some expert opinion this is the best time to invest in BEATEN DOWN asset shares during INFLATION times like TALAMT is 2 sen cheap or iGGB or middle range price MALTON and maybe UOA still giving dividend
23/08/2022 10:13 AM
ChineseNewYear put your money in fd better. atleast got interest.
23/08/2022 5:42 PM
lassy FD is also a must ,try to diversify abit here and there BUT invest only if you understand the risk and can effort to loose ALL or 50% of the value if something unfortunate happen like HONGKONG property firm Evergrande (More DEBT than TALAMT ) if SOMEONE won than SOMEBODY must have lost it even on paper lost
24/08/2022 8:36 PM
lassy UMW disposes 140 acres of land in SERENDAH to LONGI (World largest manufacturer of silicon wafers) for RM305 million and TALAMT have about 170 acres nearby ,well with simple math calculation TALAMT lands should be value around RM425 MILLION but UMW land include the basic infrastructure.and TALAMT cap now is only RM89 million.I personally think even if Tan sri Tan want to privatize Talam at 4sen now POS Malaysia n a few big investor will not let it go because by the time when ECRL is completed the land price valuation should be HIGHER.Long term investment CANNOT RUSH
02/09/2022 8:56 AM
TakeProfits Oay, toey, this counter been talk talk talk for years. Still 2c, dua sen, "Leong lup", etc etc for yonks.
Hmmm...hehe...this one dunno lar...
Waste of time..Better places to invest.
True or not Calvin .
Calvin also give up already... Kijiji
09/09/2022 1:20 PM
lassy just imagine buying TALAMT at 2sen and by going up to 4sen you make 100% profit but how long will it take to go up to 4 sen and maybe 8sen that Tansri Chan bought some 8 years ago.For GENM to go up 100% the price need to go up by RM3 as at today closing price.So by buying EXPENSIVE share you need to go up more to make 100% and further more there is also NO GUARANTEE the price will back fall to RM2.50 the pandemic era price.For TALAMT I am quite sure this is the lowest it can go because hardly any trading at 2sen because sometime not a single lot @2sen can be seen and honestly what can we do selling a few thousand 2sen share , might as well keep it in COLD STORAGE like POS MALAYSIA do.
09/09/2022 8:54 PM
TakeProfits Yes true it's 2c....but dunno have to wait how long to 4c.
At 3c.....many are waiting to sell, sell, sell...
Where got chance to sell at 4c...
Maybe you bought at 1.5c and want to cabut at 3.5c...haha..
Who knows...
Just talk talk ..cos Calvin promote this counter long time ago .
Lassy...you play this counter sendiri syok ok. Hahahaha...Kijijikijikiki
10/09/2022 2:10 AM
lassy I just bought another 2000 TALAMT shares @2sen for RM400 so I will wait to sell it for RM800 maybe in 3yrs time because even BANK compounded interest rate do not earn this much in 5 years and maybe at closing bell some guy would like to throw 0.015sen a few lots OUT OF FRUSTRATION. I only buy TALAMT shares when I reap some more GAIN selling some penny stock shares.TakeProfits maybe I m the only one buying it today, HARDLY any trading at this ridiculous low price meaning NO BIG shareholders selling. If BIG shareholders decided to run away he will use his existing shares to goreng up the price to sell, RIGHT just like CSH today
12/09/2022 10:04 AM
lassy How can we put all the money to buy one KIND of foodstuff in the stock MARKET ,as for me I bought some GROWTH stocks with dividend ,short term and very long term stock.Short term stock will be CURRENT THEME stocks ,anyway all stocks must be dispose off in INVERTED PYRAMID form which I learn from my SIFU investor.As all stock that goes up ,MUST COME DOWN and all DOWN stocks will go up one day provided they don't close shop.Talamt and MUI will not close shop anytime because they have alot of UNDERVALUE land assets.Bank will be the 1ST one to go after them if they sense they will close shop.
12/09/2022 3:36 PM
lassy Dow drops more than 1000 points, let see we can buy TALAMT at 0.015sen today ,2sen NO PROBLEM la. I feel it can get a better return for a 5 years FIXED term bank deposit.Can only buy with SPARE MONEY and not for those with borrow money or fund need to use in the short term.Can get a HANDSOME redemption in or before the NEXT GENERAL ELECTION.
14/09/2022 3:06 AM
whistlebower99 FOR NEWBIES

NEXGRAM is the latest high NOSH low price penny stock proposing to do shares consolidation !!!

This announcement is dated 14 September 2022.

Be careful trading high NOSH low price penny stocks

Directors have power to propose shares consolidation to trim down your shareholdings by many times and raise more fund via rights issue with free warrants

List of penny stocks with shares consolidation :-




TAYOR, don't be caught in share consolidation exercise
15/09/2022 2:34 PM
lassy Let say if TALAMT consolidate it shares from 20 to 1 then my 200,000 shares will become 10,000 shares and trade at 20sen after the consolidation since the fundamental remain the same unless it comes with a FREE warrant for the directors to exercise later to increase it shareholdings.There is another story which whistleblower99 fail to mention and that is PRIVATIZATION like the case of takeover of KARAMBUNAI in 2016 for 6sen and finally DONE or privatize at 11 sen in 2019 so do the PRIVATIZATION of METROJAYA by Tan sri Khoo Khay Peng.As for TALAMT, it can sell it land to raise CASH rather than a RIGHT issue.Please remember LAND is like CASH when dispose off with HANDSOME GAIN against old valuation of the land.Most of the companies mention by whistleblower99 does not have a HUGE LANDBANK like TALAMT and maybe IMPIANA and AAX can sell it HOTELS or AEROPLANES to raise CASH and then close shop to pay off debtor.

17/09/2022 5:07 AM
lassy correction 10,000 shares trading at 4 sen after consolidation since the fundamental remain the same.Anyway as for a company PRIVATIZATION the major shareholders also gain HANDSOMELY when they see value in it and does not wish to share with the minority shareholders.If TALAMT is taken private at 6sen today alot of shareholders is still LOOSING BIG when they bought it at 8sen or above at the price which Tan Sri Chan bought a few years ago.
17/09/2022 5:22 AM
lassy If the PRESENT finance minister stand and win the KUALA SELANGOR MP in this coming GE then TALAMT will fly provided BN also win BIG
21/09/2022 11:06 AM
ChineseNewYear how is talamt related to BN
21/09/2022 4:10 PM
lassy Because Zafrul just joined BN and if BN form the next government most probably he will retain his FINANCE minister post or the next MB of Selangor as he is doing a lot of GROUND WORKS in Kuala Selangor as through the media news.Tan Sri Chan is very good at cultivating GOOD RELATIONSHIP with Selangor mentri besar.He got the CHEAP LAND from the last 2 previous BN MB and he also ask the LATE MB KHALID to kautim TALAM for him with NO COST INVOLVED for both parties.BOTH WIN win situation
23/09/2022 2:57 PM
lassy Overall WORLD markets is NO GOOD as well as PASAR PAGI cos BIG INFLATION number is showing NO escape BUT can nimble BIT by BIT if CHEAP if not when can you find TALAMT at 0.015sen and CYPARK at 45 sen with NTA RM2.10 and the commisioning of the NEW projects in SEPTEMBER n DECEMBER 2022.
23/09/2022 3:03 PM
ZenSen my cost is RM0.085 - really got trapped dy
23/09/2022 4:36 PM
lassy ZenSen ,do not feel disheartened because my brother have been holding 800K talam shares at an average price of 12sens and don't be surprise if you can find senior holding it above 50sen and some holding MUI at way above RM2 when the YOUNGER Khoo KAY Peng goreng the share when the quote of the share prices need to be wrtten down on a BIG black board where the buy and sell quotes are DONE MANUALLY.I still keep some METROJAYA shares even it was taken off the board for a sentimental reason.
24/09/2022 5:30 PM
lassy At 0.015 to 0.2 sen should be a GOOD BUY after the shares has come to this LOW and please don't buy or touch this type of shares if you think the company will close shop VERY SOON.and just a friendly reminder even if the listed company about to close shop it will JACK UP the price momentarily.
24/09/2022 5:54 PM
lassy Today news say USD9 TRILLION wipe out from AMERICAN wealth but later you will find W.Buffet, B.Gates, Li ka shing and .....,but will get richer when the stock market bounces back because they can effort to buy even MARKET CRASHES so ACT like billionaires do in a small way which we are comfortable doing .I always like to buy in VERY BAD MARKET with EXCESS FUND parking idly .If someone willing to sell to TAN SRI Chan a few million TALAMT shares 0.015 sen or 1 sen he will gladly take it up IN FULL compare to the price he bought at around 10sen There is a saying MILLIONAIRES are make during a market crash and of course there are many GOOD low hanging property stocks like SIME D prop,IOI prop,Malton ,PARAMOUNT n........
28/09/2022 8:30 AM
ChineseNewYear this company making huge losses almost every year. One day when the equity become negative, it will be delisted.
03/10/2022 9:58 AM
lassy Today I only know TALAMT has a AH LONG money lending license, not that bad after all because can still effort to lend to others.Very profitable and good business during this BAD times if it can be executed properly.
01/11/2022 8:18 PM
ChineseNewYear total 192 unit of seroja apartment and only 52 unit was sold as at AGM date. still got hope ke
06/11/2022 6:55 PM
lassy Nevermind la ,have patience , hold n slowly sell afterall TALAMt is not holding alot of distress property.My condo takes 20 yrs to double up and now down slightly .Those old properties double storey terrace house in KL PJ or island glades Penang takes over 20yrs to triple up the price to almost RM1 million a piece.HAHA. Properties market takes a very long times to reap HANDSOME Gain.
16/11/2022 4:27 PM
ChineseNewYear the management never do any feasibility study before venturing into new sector? See the new agriculture segments almost 2 year one tembikai also haven't tanam.
29/11/2022 6:29 PM
lassy Nowadays CHEAP apartment are very hard to sell and that is why TALAM recently convert their new property developement to LANDED PROPERTY.As for the rest of the SEROJA apartments not sold they can be converted to the RENT and BUY later concept since the holding cost is not so high
01/12/2022 8:40 PM
LiTech company only interested to collect fat salary, director fee and bonus only with self interest at heart. Stay away from such company as useless management & bod will result in negative results at the expense of investors
08/12/2022 12:15 PM
king36 Will this video affect the property Talamt is holding?
I remember the railway pass through Talamt's land...

US & Singapore Are Scared! China's $7,200 Million in Malaysia Super Port

17/12/2022 8:29 AM
ZenSen Which Talamt's land that railway will pass through?
04/01/2023 10:14 AM
lassy ZenSen not directly on Talamt serendah land n also a transportation HUB.can buy abit and don't expect it to shoot up anytime but if it does consider it a bonus for I am holding it for 2yrs plus at 2 to3 sen ,just have to wait for the land since 200somthing until the revaluation
06/01/2023 8:02 PM
whistlebower99 FOR NEWBIES

EDUSPEC & DOLPHIN are the latest high NOSH low price penny stock proposing to do shares consolidation !!!

This announcement is dated 13 January 2023.

Be careful trading high NOSH low price penny stocks

Directors have power to propose shares consolidation to trim down your shareholdings by many times and raise more fund via rights issue with free warrants

Long term shareholders holding at high prices will incur huge losses due to the corporate exercises

List of penny stocks with shares consolidation :-

2023 proposal in progress - MERIDIAN, VSOLAR, DOLPHIN, EDUSPEC



TAYOR, don't be caught in share consolidation exercise
16/01/2023 10:54 AM
lassy Whistleblower 99 do not con people hard earn money to sell you TALAMT share at a LOSS If I bought 100,000 shares @0.02sen for RM2k and if there is a consolidation reducing it to 10,000 shares the price will most probably go up to 20sen or even more considering the various expenses incur. I bought TALAMT shares base on it assets rather it business - which will not be profitable for the time being.If after the above consolidation the price fall to 10sen , I think POS MALAYSIA (TOP 20 SHAREHOLDERS )will sapu all the shares for 12 sen
01/02/2023 5:26 AM
lassy Whistleblower 99 do not con people hard earn money to sell you TALAMT share at a LOSS If I bought 100,000 shares @0.02sen for RM2k and if there is a consolidation reducing it to 10,000 shares the price will most probably go up to 20sen or even more considering the various expenses incur. I bought TALAMT shares base on it assets rather it business - which will not be profitable for the time being.If after the above consolidation the price fall to 10sen , I think POS MALAYSIA (TOP 20 SHAREHOLDERS )will sapu all the shares for 12 sen
01/02/2023 5:26 AM
lassy AS for me I only invested 500,000 shares @ average price 0.023 sen and will buy again in 6 months time at 0,02sen if it is still available.If a share consolidation exercise do occur it will mean the TALAM management is doing it job.Please remember land prices around industrial area and major highways always appreciate in the long run ,the BIG QUESTION is WHEN? so holding TALAMT shares must have patient and only employ spare fund or loose money not for emergency use.From 0.02 sen to 5 sen a share in 5 years is more than 100% capital gain which BANK FD give this high COMPOUNDED interest rate @4% COMPOUNDED X 5 years.and of course this is also a speculative BET against buying those KLCI blue chips.If it suddenly spike up to 4 sen so must run abit io ,just like PWORTH or others at ONE TIMES but TALAMT is still at 2 sens so not only I loose money ALOT OF BIG shareholders also loose it BIG so WHY WORRY ? HA HA
01/02/2023 6:21 AM
lassy Talam only need to sell a few hundred acres of land in SERENDAH will turn into a NETT CASH company and still holding on to some substantial property in Selangor and KL.whereas AAX cannot sell its AEROPLANE or EDUSPEC or DOLPHIN selling its factory or assets and still able to run the company. The accum LOSS in Talam can be used to offset FUTURE GAIN is also a PLUS for accounting purposes.
01/02/2023 6:40 AM
lassy Can only buy at 0.015 sen for because i have already collected 2 sen and 2.5sen but will not hestitate to collect again at 2 sen when the land price should appreciate given alot of activities going around the SERENDAH area..FOR example WCE appreciated from 21sen to 40sen now from last year when the WCE project completed 80% of it west coast HIGHWAY and part of it already have toll collection..WCE price started at above RM! when and only upon signing the concession agreements with the government.As for TALAM case shareholders must have patience and FAITH in a long cause and as for me most probably I need to pass some TALAM shares to my grandchildren to realise a RM1 gain.Honestly speaking what can 500,000 shares @ 2sen can do but INFLATION will help TALAM with land assets share price to grow up.Our saving plus interest earned cannot beat INFLATION except property,gold ......and some form of CHEAP n GROWTH shares investment.VERY HARD for ordinary guy like us to FULLY understand the concept because we cannot control it except the top 2% Billionaires in the world can dictate how it should go.
03/02/2023 6:50 AM
whistlebower99 Modus operandi of many loss making penny stocks
1. Directors fail in generating business profit
2. Show Multi year losses, multi quarter losses
3. Directors repeatedly do fund raising via shares issuance to PP, ESOS and asset acquisition
4. Directors utilise most of the fund raised
5. When NOSH reach unmanageable Billions of shares, directors do shares consolidation, follow by fund raising via rights issue
6. Repeat step 1 to 5
07/02/2023 10:07 AM
TakeProfits Fantastic write up by Whistleblower99 on the strategies of loss making penny stocks.
Always rights issue to Korek from inexperienced bilis players. Hahaha...Kikikiki
18/02/2023 1:13 AM
ZenSen recent quarter results looks like no improvement at all!!
26/02/2023 11:28 PM
ocbc @whistlebower99 , thanks for the alert.
26/02/2023 11:49 PM
lassy Market cap now is at RM86million and so for a drop of 0.005 sen in TALAM share price ,the market cap will be reduced to RM60 plus milliom and personally I think it it cheap to hold TALAM share at this share price even if a CONSOLIDATION is coming because the value of the NEW CONSOLIDATED share will still have the same market cap value and if not the share price MIGHT INCREASE after it consolidation as it happen in UNDER VALUE PROPERTY company. TALAM can also be a takeover target if INVESTOR see value in it as the case of KARABUNAI SABAH taken over by its majority owner Tan Sri DR Chen from 3sen to a final price of 9sen.
05/03/2023 10:13 PM
lassy Now the BIG question is - Does it make sense to hold TALAM share now and wait for another 3 years for it to appreciate 100% or 200% in value.Most listed property company in Malaysia like Sime, Malton IOI is DIRT CHEAP considering the value of it land bank is still holding very well and house prices is still going up with FEW NEW property launch for the 1st half of 2023 and in fact everything market price go up except KLSE listed share price in Malaysia GO DOWN so if have EXTRA spare cash in hand instead of buying PROPERTY, buy property listed share which is FOWARD looking except now a poor perception NO MONEY,FEAR and SCARED.
05/03/2023 10:30 PM
lassy if TALAMT share can really go down to 0.015sen on the seller side upon the closing bell then something VERY BIG is going to happen by closing at 0.015 sen it will become the TOP volume leader on that day and the CAP of TALAM will become slightly over RM40 million.
10/03/2023 8:30 PM

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