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1.55 1.77     +0.22 (14.19%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
24/11/2022 1.56 1.75 +0.19 (12.18%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
25/08/2022 1.66 1.85 +0.19 (11.45%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
21/06/2022 1.52 1.88 +0.36 (23.68%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
22/03/2022 1.70 1.61 -0.09 (5.29%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
24/11/2022  RHB-OSK Farm Fresh - Creating Long-Term Value; Still BUY
25/08/2022  RHB-OSK Farm Fresh - GPM Pressure to Ease; Stay BUY
21/06/2022  RHB-OSK Farm Fresh - Fresh Kid on the Block; Initiate BUY
22/03/2022  Rakuten Farm Fresh Bhd - More Moo Moo to be Milking

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bryanxtan What happen today. EPF not sapu ?
13/06/2022 10:23 PM
HUNTER i also wonder what happen,drop a lot since this few days
14/06/2022 11:55 AM
rr88 Told you its going down below ipo price. Bcause business has peaked out just ahead of ipo. Saturated dy. Theres only so much milk people can drink. You supply more oso you cannot sell.
14/06/2022 12:15 PM
Calvin882 Price of fresh milk is getting expensive to buy even before inflation. Most people cant even afford to pay few RM for a small pack of fresh milk. Significant portion of the cost spent on the nice plastic packaging.
14/06/2022 1:32 PM
ccpool 1.60 previously a key support now turn into resistance. Reclaim that, we can see it going back into the range and see if we get any follow through for higher price.
15/06/2022 2:02 PM
stockpick2me Market is very bad now, i think my coming meal all change to cereal and farm fresh milk only
17/06/2022 12:39 PM
Elloworld good to see director and epf had been buying on weakness...technically about to complete falling wedge pattern awaiting breakout..
22/06/2022 7:38 PM
Mini2021 This counter will no drop much as the EPF and Directors not yet sell their tickets to you at high price ..... Just look at MR DIY they slowly sell tickets for 2 years ,,,,,,, The boss wrong timing if IPO 1 year ago The price should up to RM 4...
22/06/2022 7:49 PM
stockpick2me Good company, is all about timing
23/06/2022 12:06 PM
Elloworld Epf on shopping spree again..good sign
23/06/2022 9:09 PM
stockpick2me EPF curi curi buy a lot ?
28/06/2022 12:06 PM
newbie8080 @Mini2021
Let's see when the moratorium period is over on 23th September 2022 onwards.
28/06/2022 5:08 PM
ccpool As mentioned, we grabbed the liquidity below and got accepted back into the range but no follow through. Lose 1.60 again will be another waterfall.
30/06/2022 3:32 PM
redhotpepper 1.50 will be the support level now
01/07/2022 11:48 PM
ccpool Posted by ccpool > 2022-03-31 14:28

I will buy at 2.00 and sell at 1.605 & 1.525


Both levels given in advance and offered a near 8% bounce each. The whales are following ccpool level to rekt the retails.
02/07/2022 4:53 PM
vincent cym https://www.facebook.com/Jiemylow/photos/a.1266038913877499/1384241195390603/?type=3
04/07/2022 2:53 PM
stockpick2me Minum susu ff tengok i3
14/07/2022 10:29 AM
Elloworld Epf bought again. Imminent breakout…accumulation about to complete
15/07/2022 5:48 PM
rr88 This is not australia or new zealand.
Dairy cows will not work here because its hot. All the once fat cows when first arrived are now skinny. Go see for yourself in serdang there.

Sell. Tp 1.20.
18/07/2022 5:02 PM
Elloworld Finally break 1.65…TP 2.00 at least…
18/07/2022 5:16 PM
Yt Chong everytime if rr88 here, confirm come with some negative sentence
18/07/2022 5:22 PM
Elloworld Thats rr88 job. He/she is a fear monger
18/07/2022 6:00 PM
newbie8080 @rr88

Looks like you're interested to buy it at RM1.20, else not even a TP is worth for farm fresh since the biz is not viable as you pointed out.
19/07/2022 9:32 AM
ychong88 suddenly plunge
19/07/2022 11:35 AM
Elloworld plunge is normal and healthy pullback. U cant expect price go up and up everyday..
19/07/2022 12:58 PM
Elloworld Finally the beginning of new uptrend wehooo
21/07/2022 1:37 PM
ampabella suddenly back to life
21/07/2022 8:35 PM
James Ng [转贴] [Video:浅谈FARM FRESH BERHAD, FFB, 5306] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
21/07/2022 10:00 PM
Elloworld Epf keeps buying. Latest 1 million. Well just another day for ffb. Bullll
26/07/2022 7:10 PM
OMR@obm_4558 Final Dividend 1.07 loo...
28/07/2022 11:02 PM
stockpick2me dairy item is getting more requirement in future. FFB is just so much undervalued
11/08/2022 3:23 PM
dragon328 Farm Fresh is good and strong but expensive at 30x PER. Can consider other retails counter at just 10x PER like IGBB

12/08/2022 1:08 PM
EatCoconutCanWin Each quarter dropped 20%, maybe 2023 in -ve results
24/08/2022 8:11 PM
PassionateInvestor Somewhat disappointing results. FFB needs to grow, and rapidly, to justify it's high PE but instead it fell. RHB-OSK report says that the recent price increase of between 5-10% would help but didn't their profit fell by 14% this quarter? So the price increase would still not be adequate and RHB-OSK recommends a BUY. This is all so confusing...
25/08/2022 12:51 PM
newbie8080 @PassionateInvestor
The price hike applies for July and August and will be reflect in next quarter results. It’s mentioned clearly in the news media and quarter report as well. Besides that, the input cost will normalised towards years end most commodities prices are coming down. Best part is price for FFB products will not adjust lower when input cost is dropping.
25/08/2022 1:53 PM
NoTimeToTrade PassionateInvestor, your last sentence is much more concerning than everything else in your post. you might want to read and absorb what newbie8080 wrote. sometimes buying shares also need to have some business sense.
25/08/2022 3:12 PM
PassionateInvestor @newbie8080 thanks, always welcome a constructive discussion. How I read it is that the current ~14% quarter loss was due to higher input cost. The mitigation plan implemented, which have already started since July as mentioned by yourself, was to increase the price by 5-10% depending on region. Based on this increase, it would take 2 quarters just to get back to the profit last quarter, of course I'm simplifying the calculation since there'll be many factors to take into account. Yes agreed that normalising of cost would be the redemption.
27/08/2022 1:19 PM
Thaumoctopus Anyone joined AGM today? Any interesting news?
29/08/2022 7:58 PM
King_trader_shadow Ini stock bukan main hebat pada mulanya tapi sekarang macam +_+". I dunno how Khazanah, backing this company and supposedly we should see eps of 1.00 this quarter but due to inflation i assume it dropped yet the hype for this stock was too much!
30/08/2022 9:57 AM
newbie8080 https://www.insage.com.my/Upload/Docs/FFB/FFB%20Presentation%20for%2011th%20AGM%202022.pdf#view=Full
30/08/2022 4:37 PM
Thaumoctopus @newbie8080 thanks!
03/09/2022 9:18 PM
1pingpong Ffb, bila mau naik balik?
19/10/2022 12:38 PM
VTrade When your son holding and get to drink milk at school
19/10/2022 1:01 PM
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21/10/2022 8:01 AM
newbie8080 Hopeful for better revenue growth and PAT% growth with price hike and new products eg: growing up milk launch.
01/11/2022 4:47 PM
newbie8080 Youtube link with Siti Nurhaliza for Growing Up Milk
01/11/2022 4:49 PM
newbie8080 https://www.nst.com.my/business/2022/11/845990/farm-fresh-jomcha-plans-300-outlets
02/11/2022 4:20 PM
BursaKakis Affin Bank, Farm Fresh among five added to MSCI Global Small Cap Index, while six removed
11/11/2022 11:52 PM
BursaKakis Farm Fresh Dairy Products awarded Brand of the Year
16/11/2022 8:54 PM
airfan99 So expensive the valuation and still a buy...do to know how the research value it...
25/11/2022 8:49 PM

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