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18.04 22.25     +4.21 (23.34%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
20/01/2023 19.04 22.10 +3.06 (16.07%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
30/11/2022 18.78 22.10 +3.32 (17.68%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
01/09/2022 19.32 22.10 +2.78 (14.39%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
31/05/2022 19.48 22.40 +2.92 (14.99%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
25/03/2022 19.76 22.40 +2.64 (13.36%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
01/03/2022 19.46 22.40 +2.94 (15.11%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/01/2023  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - More favourable interest rate impact on securities portfolio of HLA; recovery for IB business ahead
30/11/2022  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - Stronger earnings contribution from commercial banking
01/09/2022  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - Resilient earnings with stronger contribution from commercial banking
31/05/2022  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - Higher contribution from commercial banking and insurance divisions
25/03/2022  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - Riding on stronger HLBB loan growth, improving HLA top line
01/03/2022  AmInvest Hong Leong Financial Group - Stronger earnings from commercial banking division

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mf Post removed. Why?
01/11/2020 7:45 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

Today so ONG...already touched 15.48 just now......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
11/11/2020 3:33 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

Today so ONG...already touched 15.56 just now......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
12/11/2020 8:30 PM
aarontan1987 the only financial group that outperforms all the other leaders in the financial industry in msia hahahahahahahahaha poor PBB AMB RHB CIMB MBB getting wrecked over by the sky high defaults hahahahahahaha
12/11/2020 10:10 PM

13/11/2020 11:29 AM
ivanlau ------------- quote ---------------

ivanlau eps 161 x pe 10 = rm 16.10 , current price 12.34, think about that.............
29/08/2020 5:32 PM
------------ unquote --------

today closing 16.00 . Already highlighted u all the fair value of this stock at 29/Aug
17/11/2020 5:28 PM
LongTermInvestor8 Will the market crash if budget 2021 cannot be passed this coming Thursday (26/10/2020)? These are the 4 possible scenarios:

1. Parliament will be dissolved and a snap election will be called
2. A state of Emergency in the whole country will be declared by YDPA
3. Muhyiddin will resign and YDPA will appoint an interim PM
4. YDPA will appoint a new PM who has majority MPs support. A new budget 2021 also will be tabled by the new appointed PM.

Will the market go down? Will it crash? Take profit now or wait?

Price correction coming as shown in TA chart. RSI at 80% all time high. MACD all time high and about to cross like previous crossing. Volume down
21/11/2020 1:30 PM
Keyman188 OmG...DJIA 1st time break 30,000 mark...

Now global markets suddenly turning to bullish momentum...

The power of vaccine...the power of Pfizer & Moderna vaccine effectiveness...
25/11/2020 1:05 AM
LongTermInvestor8 Will budget 2021 pass? Tengku Razaleigh and a few BN MPs refuses to support the budget, if Budget fails, market will crash? Buy now or sell? How? If budget fails, parliament dissolve? market crash?
25/11/2020 1:19 AM
a2333778 hlcap and hlfg are under hong leong company. Why hl cap price is much lower if compared to hlfg but i see the dividend of hl cap is higher. Does that mean hl cap is more worth to invest?
26/11/2020 9:48 AM
Keyman188 OMG...unbelievable...

HLFG can achieve super duper good results during virus pandemic period...

Some more can achieve history high profitable results...


No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
27/11/2020 1:52 PM
scholez18 Banks are typically valued on it's net worth book value.
HLFG's historical 10 year average PB is at 1.1x.
Assuming a reversion to historical average PB..
HLFG is worth at least 21 /share to me.
Steady compounder for those who can see.
Only 3 banks in Malaysia consistently achieving ROE more than 10%.
HLFG is one of them.
30/11/2020 2:16 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

So ONG...already touched 17.22 yesterday.....

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
05/12/2020 12:12 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

So ONG today...already break 18.00 liao.......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
09/12/2020 11:22 AM
woshigushen tp 20. now is bank theme
hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13/12/2020 5:23 PM
CakapSohaiThings IBs and FFs, please start shorting, emergency consented! What are you waiting for??
12/01/2021 10:23 AM
CakapSohaiThings Start loading up slowly. Tech is deflating - soon more will flow back into value stocks
25/01/2021 9:32 AM
25/01/2021 8:04 PM
Bgt 9963 Buy and hold....!
25/01/2021 8:25 PM
ivanlau -------- quote -------

Aug 29, 2020 5:32 PM | Report Abuse

eps 161 x pe 10 = rm 16.10 , current price 12.34, think about that.............
-------- unquote -----

today closing 16.36 .... consider fair value now ...
29/01/2021 9:41 PM
Bgt 9963 Buys on dips...!
29/01/2021 10:10 PM
limkokthye Waiy for 12
20/02/2021 4:36 PM
Keyman188 Haa...Keyman188 still holding @ 12.40 until now...

NO PLAN to sell...unless can see it @ 36.00 above...

Keep it for long long term with passive income...

A lot of investors & traders thought Keyman188 is madness...

But forgot to tell you, don't assess with PE...must assess with....kekeke...

Do your research....wkwkwk...
20/02/2021 5:30 PM
Keyman188 Bingo...

Upcoming this 2 months, Keyman188 will be receiving 5 figures of dividend payout by long term portfolio investment...



You have begun to doubt your life !!!......


One missed life is enough, don’t miss the second time......

------------------别人笑我太疯癫... 我"说"他人看不清......--------------------

Keyman188 really pity for those still left behind the "Recovery Road" journey......

07/03/2021 12:39 PM
Keyman188 Really concrete & wise guidance from professional...

陈剑老师投资教育 : 冷眼解析录:《30年股票投资心得》





13/03/2021 11:13 AM
Keyman188 Keyman188 always learn from professional or experts...



20/03/2021 6:37 PM
Keyman188 Keyman188 always willing to learn from professional or experts...

The latest tutorial is the constructive lesson we need to examine...

如何强化持股能力?最大化买对股票后的赚幅?!(上集) - 陈剑

符合这个条件的股票才真正值得你长期持有!(如何强化持股能力?下讲) - 陈剑




What are the key points Keyman188 can learned from this tutorial :-

1) Using "bond investment cognition" to hold long term investment position

2) Using "dividend reinvestment plan" approach to increase long term shareholding

3) How to set the safety margin for long term investment position


Let using HLFG share as an example...

Keyman188 holding cost average about 12.40++...

Keyman188 had received dividend received for the past 12 months (based on ex-date from Apr'20 ~ Mar'21)

12/03/21 - RM 0.1085

05/11/20 - RM 0.25

Total dividend received = RM 0.3585

Dividend yield = 2.88% per share

Capital appreciation growth = +38% (based on 24/03/21 closing price of RM 17.24)

Capital appreciation of investment also part of the investment return...

Furthermore, since HLFG part of the recovery stock with strong fundamental & growing company....

Recent share price also gradually on the recovery road...


Is it the right time to start your million dollar dream ???...

Is it the right time to start your long term position instead of short term profit ???....

** The final decision is on your heart now
25/03/2021 8:52 AM
bluebiznet Down down down. Coz of msci exclusion?
16/04/2021 2:39 PM
Papayashot msci exclusion? Got such news? Any link?
16/04/2021 5:12 PM
Keyman188 Lol...if so scare then sell lorrr...

16/04/2021 5:36 PM
bluebiznet https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/808733
17/04/2021 10:52 AM
ChongLeeWoon Maybe can start to nibble abit...
19/05/2021 10:36 PM
gongkia why hlfg got so much lower valuation than hlbank
19/05/2021 10:39 PM
scholez18 Lower stock price does not indicate lower value or lower capitalisation. Need to multiply by shares outstanding and compare the market cap directly, not comparing share price.
21/05/2021 5:07 PM
gongkia valuation isn't stock price.
21/05/2021 9:49 PM
CColgate MCO total
29/05/2021 6:29 AM
TrumpJr Blue chip company
09/06/2021 9:51 AM
tollebunsmith Closing embargo trance was 7.5 mil done against 4,3 mil done at 4.45 for MBB
Closing embargo trance was 23 mil done against 12.1mil done at 4.45 for PBB

so someone was exixitng (foreign) and someone was grabbing (local)

i suspect cos of the 2022/2023 probable rate hike by Powell
18/06/2021 9:02 PM
Keyman188 Foreign buying extends to third week, surges to RM964.3m

(theedgemarkets.com / August 30, 2021 09:42 am +08)

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 30): Foreign buying of Malaysian equities extended for the third week and surged to RM964.33 million last week, from a paltry RM6.71 million the prior week.

In its weekly fund flow report today, the MIDF Research team said as the market reopened last Monday, foreign investors were net buyers amounting to RM6.7 million.

Meanwhile, it said local institutions bought RM19.16 million net of local equities, with retailers as net sellers to the tune of RM25.86 million.

The research house said foreign investors were net buyers every day of the week.

It said the largest foreign inflow was recorded last Thursday to the tune of RM310.79 million, while the inflow of RM6.7 million last Monday was the smallest.

“As for retailers, they were net sellers every day of the week except on Monday.

“The largest net selling by retailers was recorded last Tuesday and the smallest net selling was on Friday to the tune of RM48.43 million and RM16.88 million respectively.

“Cumulatively, for the week, retailers net sold RM113.96 million worth of equities on Bursa Malaysia,” it said.

MIDF said that meanwhile, local institutions recorded cumulative weekly net selling to the tune of RM850.37 million.

It said local institutions were net sellers every day of the week, with the largest net selling on Thursday to the tune of RM290.41 million.

Since the beginning of 2021, cumulatively, retailers were the only net buyers of the local equity market to the tune of RM9.46 billion.

Local institutions and foreign investors were net sellers to the tune of RM4.46 billion and RM5 billion respectively.

“In terms of participation, retail investors, local institutions and foreign investors recorded weekly movements of -3.82%, 9.89% and 16.82% respectively in average daily trade value (ADTV),” it said.

## https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/foreign-buying-extends-third-week-surges-rm9643m
30/08/2021 10:04 AM
Keyman188 Great news...foreign funds coming back...
30/08/2021 10:05 AM
Keyman188 Really every encouraging financial performance...

NTA accelerated further to RM 20.13...

30/08/2021 1:52 PM
Keyman188 Investment Highlights

We maintain BUY call on Hong Leong Financial Group (HLFG) with unchanged fair value of RM20.60/share based on SOP valuation. We fine-tune our FY21/22 earnings by +0.5/-0.8% after tweaking our net interest and non-interest income (NOII) estimates.

HLFG reported a flattish net profit of RM573mil (-0.7% QoQ) in 4Q21. Higher net interest income (NII) was offset by a slowdown in non-interest income (NOII) coupled with higher provisions due additional pre-emptive provisions of RM157mil set aside by its key subsidiary, Hong Leong Bank (HLBB) in the quarter.

For 12M21, core earnings grew by 13.3% YoY to RM2.27bil with higher profit contribution from all divisions (commercial and share of results from Bank of Chengdu – associate company, investment banking and insurance).

Cumulative earnings were within our expectation, accounting for 104.6% of forecast. However, the results were slightly above consensus number making up 105.6% of street estimates.

Its key subsidiary, HLBB, reported a strong PBT of RM3.5bil (+16.1% YoY) for 12M21 contributed by higher total income and lower opex partially offset by increase in provisions due to pre-emptive allowances on loan losses of RM511mil booked in for the financial year.

HLBB’s loans grew strongly at 6.8% YoY with domestic loan growth outpacing the industry’s 3.4% YoY growth.

HLBB’s CI ratio for 12M21 improved to 38.0% with a positive JAW of 15.6% YoY.

The banking subsidiary’s asset quality remained sound with GIL ratio of 0.46% while loan loss cover including regulatory reserves was high at 304.0% significantly above the industry’s 112.0%. Credit cost of HLBB stood at 0.42% in 12M21.

HLA Holdings (HLAH) recorded a higher net profit after tax of RM394mil (+73.3% YoY) for 12M21.

The improved performance of the group’s insurance business was underpinned by higher insurance underwriting surplus (+RM38mil), fair value gains from equities (+RM78mil) and the release of contractual liabilities from higher interest rate partially offset by FV losses on bonds (+RM28mil)

For 12M21, HLA the key insurance subsidiary’s gross premiums and new business regular premiums (NBRP) expanded by 11.1%YoY and 29.7% YoY respectively.

HLA’s embedded value rose by 14.0% YoY to RM2.87bil in 12M21 focusing on growth of higher margin products (investment-linked). New business embedded value (NBEV) of HLA climbed 20.0% YoY to RM177mil in 12M21 from changes in product mix, new product launches and favourable impact from the steepening of long-term MGS rates. Non-par and investment-linked/ participating ratio for new businesses stood at 96:4. HLA maintained its ranking at No. 4 for investment-linked products while its market share in terms of NBRP for ordinary life products improved to the 7th position in FY21 from 9th in FY20.

HLA’s number of agents rose to 8,095. By delivery channel, gross premiums continued to be driven largely by agents followed by bancassurance. In FY21, agency and bancassurance’s NBRP grew by 27.0% YoY and 39.0% YoY respectively.

Its investment banking division under Hong Leong Capital (HLC) reported a higher PBT of RM177mil (+85.2% YoY) for 12M21 driven by higher contributions from investment banking and stockbroking business. Higher retail participation in the stock market benefitted its stockbroking business. Meanwhile, improved deals flows for equity and debt capital markets, coupled with higher treasury income lifted earnings contribution from investment banking. In contrast, its asset management business’s PBT declined YoY with lower average AUM of RM16.9mil as money market funds withdrew to invest in other higher yielding investments.

HLFG’s consolidated CET1 ratio, Tier 1 and total capital was 11.64%, 12.58% and 15.47% in 4Q21 respectively. The ratios stayed above the regulatory requirements of 7.0%, 8.5% and 10.5% respectively.

A final dividend of 29.2 sen/share has been proposed bringing the total FY21 dividends to 40 sen/share (payout: 20.0%). This was close to our estimate of 43.5 sen/share.

## https://cdn1.i3investor.com/my/files/dfgs88n/2021/09/01/1537473723-951185041.pdf
01/09/2021 10:22 AM
Keyman188 Do you realize today banking sector very steady despite KLCI -17++ pt !!!...

20/09/2021 4:10 PM
MorningGlory123 watch out, 22.00 coming
27/10/2021 3:38 PM
Keyman188 Amboi...latest quarterly result IMPRESSIVE...

QoQ = +11% ++

You = + 9%++

^^^Net Profit break the historical high again...

Always is Keyman188 priority Choice amongst banking stock...

29/11/2021 1:23 PM
wallstreetrookie The issue of FBM index lies within the fact that the index consistently ostracizes the winners and embrace the losers. Hong Leong Financial Group is the few movers of the index with the least analyst upgrades/coverage and highest SD for earnings estimates.
This is really boring
06/04/2022 11:18 PM
wallstreetrookie Always buy companies with high FCF yield. Only companies with good cash flow can beat recessionary environment

Top Bursa Financials Stocks to Own in 2022

1. Ambank
2. Hong Leong Financial Group
3. Aeon Credit Berhad
12/07/2022 10:12 PM
bullmarket1628 After 3 years pandemic already end, 
next year onwards surely is the years of recovery and economy start booming time ! 

Like previously economy downturn period of:

1)Crisis 1986-1990 start booming 1993 to 1997

2)Crisis 1997-2000 start booming 2003 to 2006 

3)Crisis 2006-2010 start booming 2013 to 2016 

4)Crisis 2016-2022 start booming 2023 to 2027 

So, our economy and KLSE will be spike up like mad start from year 2023 which is next year and i predict our KLSE this round of bull run start 2023 will hit it’s record high of around 2,000 points ! 

Heng Ah, Ong Ah, Huat Ah !
03/09/2022 8:30 AM
bullmarket1628 Bank Negara raises OPR by 25 basis points to 2.5%
Thursday, 08 Sep 2022 3:23 PM MYT


KUALA LUMPUR: At the conclusion of its monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting, Bank Negara increased the overnight policy rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 2.5%, in line with market expectations.
In a statement, it said it raised the ceiling and floor rate of the corridor of the OPR to 2.75% and 2.25% respectively.

This is the central bank's third consecutive rate hike, bringing the total increase in the OPR to 75bps so far this year.
"At the current OPR level, the stance of monetary policy continues to remain accommodative and supportive of economic growth.

"The MPC is not on any pre-set course and will continue to assess evolving conditions and their implications on the overall outlook to domestic inflation and growth," said Bank Negara…..
09/09/2022 6:49 AM
bullmarket1628 Wow, Bank Negara raises OPR by 25 basis points to 2.5%

Like that today HLFG will be limit up already liao lah !

Heng ah, Ong ah, Huat ah !
09/09/2022 6:56 AM

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