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Who dares to attack China? Koon Yew Yin

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US In Talks To Speed Up Australian Nuclear Submarine Deal:

The US is discussing accelerating the production of nuclear submarines to bolster Australia’s defense capabilities in an effort to counter China’s growing military influence in the Asia Pacific region, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Under the plan, the US would provide Australia with the “first few” nuclear subs by mid-2030s to tide Australia over as it continues to develop its own production capabilities, the newspaper said, citing Western officials. The proposal -- not yet approved -- is one of several being considered as a means of more quickly securing a nuclear-powered fleet for Australia.

Australia is paying 8 billion ($8.4 billion) and $US6. 2 billion ($9 billion) per boat. Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior analyst Marcus Hellyer has previously estimated the cost of building eight submarines in Australia based on the Virginia class at $79 billion in 2021 dollars, or $171 billion when adjusted for inflation.

Why should Australia waste so much money?

There are roughly 750 US foreign military bases; they are spread across 80 nations! After the U.S is the UK, but they only have 145 bases. Russia has about 3 dozen bases, and China just five. This implies that the U.S has three times as many bases as all other countries combined.

Why should US waste so much money?

China rolls out new weapon systems, nuclear-capable missiles in military parade:

  • DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missile and new-generation road-mobile DF-41 draw attention as they make their debut
  • For China it is a show of how its armed forces have been modernized, but one analyst calls it ‘the ultimate show of insecurity and cold war thinking’

All of the intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world's nuclear arsenals are hypersonic, reaching about 15,000 mph (24,140 kph), or about 4 miles (6.4 km) per second at their maximum velocity.

How Hypersonic Missiles Work and the Significant Threats They Pose?

Three types of hypersonic missiles

There are three different types of non-ICBM hypersonic weapons: aero-ballistic, glide vehicles and cruise missiles. A hypersonic aero-ballistic system is dropped from an aircraft, accelerated to hypersonic speed using a rocket and then follows a ballistic, meaning unpowered, trajectory.

A hypersonic glide vehicle is boosted on a rocket to high altitude and then glides to its target, maneuvering along the way. Examples of hypersonic glide vehicles include China’s Dongfeng-17, Russia’s Avangard, and the U.S. Navy’s Conventional Prompt Strike system.

U.S. officials have expressed concern that China’s hypersonic glide vehicle technology is further advanced than the U.S. system.

Who dares to attack China?

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Tobby For decades, we were bombarded how superior Russia military equipment were! But after half a year into Ukraine invasion, it's seems, it's just propaganda! So were are the hypersonic missiles that Russia had boasted before! Russia has ran out of missiles and they can't produce new ones because they need US chips to power them! Same with China! That's why US banning advanced tech so China can't produce anymore hypersonic thingy!
26/09/2022 1:14 PM
Tobby We have to take all this bragging about how superior China military tech as mere propaganda! China never engage war with anyone! They have tested their military capability!
US is determine to get in war with China! War economy is huge business! That's why you see Democrats instigating China to launch invasion in Taiwan! China better not take the bait! Just look at Putin! He is on certain path to defeat!
26/09/2022 1:17 PM
Tobby Do you know if a bomb detonate near you but you are not harm, it permanently print emotional damage to you! A shot on the arm is the mildest wound but it inflict so much pain to any soldier! And i am sorry to say, chinese soldiers will not be able to stand even a tiny war! Just look at India China border fights, chinese soldiers were defeated by those hardy indian ones!
As for Taiwan invasion, China must first go for peaceful means! Taiwan is indeed part of China! China cannot afford to acknowledge sovereignty for Taiwan! Coz it will lead to more breakaway states!
26/09/2022 1:22 PM
Janson King Why attack when you can literally wait for it to collpase.
Im waiting for post Xi Jin Ping era.
26/09/2022 1:54 PM
beinvested God made Putin crazy so Ukraine got attacked.

Nothing can happened without the approval of God.

Just like God made Hitler became a crazy man.

Ukraine killed more than a million of Zalensky's relatives from the WW2. Is a pay back time so Israel is not helping Ukraine even from the beginning of the conflict.


Israel knew so their confrontation with the militants that are pro Iran operating in Syria will get little notice from Putin.

IF Putin is forced and decided to launch nuclear bombs, to Ukraine firstly, likely he will do also for the Europeans...America. North Korea will do for Japan and South Korea. China eventually will have to capture Taiwan then. So, there is no better reason for China to capture Taiwan.

SO, only until, China will not be made deemed necessary for another country to attack China.
26/09/2022 1:58 PM
Tobby Power corrupts! Absolute power corrupts absolutely! That's what happen to Putin after 2 decades in dictatorship!
That's why No.1 must be changed every decade! CCP is making a mistake if Chairman Xi remain in power! 3rd term for Chairman Xi means he will be No.1 forever! And that will cause him to make many miscalculation as he will be surrounded by yesmen!
26/09/2022 2:06 PM
26/09/2022 3:05 PM
beinvested The Assyrians were very cruel also.

But God the Lord, used them to discipline His people. So the Babylonians destroyed their communities, Temple, captured and banished as slaves, to the Empire controlled by Nebuchadnezzar, for their disobedience. The consequences for their wickedness were warned by Prophet Isaiah, about 700 years before the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Even Moses, at the much earlier time, had cautioned the people...in Deuteronomy 31.

26 “Take this Book of the Law and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. There it will remain as a witness against you. 27 For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are. If you have been rebellious against the Lord while I am still alive and with you, how much more will you rebel after I die!

THE dictators are used as His instruments, wherever necessary, to punish the wrong doers even in modern time.

But the those evil powers will be wiped also when the time is up. Take a look at The Greek/Olympic, the Babylonians, Roman Empire, Portuguese Alfonso/Macau/Malacca/Eeast Timor, Spanish Armada, Byzantine, Ottomani...all vanished.

PSALM 94 -
23 He will repay them for their sins
and destroy them for their wickedness;
the Lord our God will destroy them.

Same, China may not be under Communist ideology for another 100 years.

The timing and happening are under the control of God. To many, the God in the Bible, from Heaven He is watching every human.
26/09/2022 3:21 PM
beinvested BUT the Lord will give hope to those who repented, giving Light to those in the Darkness, if they consult the instructions from God instead of the mediums. So, He sent The Counselor/Prince of Peace, as prophesied by Prophet Isaiah , to restore His people.

Outsiders were used, same thing, Cyrus was used to rebuild the community. God stirred the heart of Cyrus instead of making him crazy like Putin.
26/09/2022 3:30 PM
Tobby Beinvested! Interesting fairy tale! However, alot of wars in ancient times were about religion! You know, clash between Islam, Judaism and Christianity! Still ongoing in Israel!
26/09/2022 5:25 PM
beinvested Tobby, if it is a fairy tale, take comfort that you are almost reaching the truth.

When a country has a large population like China, there is plenty of advantages such as human talents. Many building the war machines and many human resources are being used to cultivate the land to feed the rest. Is a good economy. Once, Malaysia aimed to have higher population like 70Mil because that will bring larger volume in the demand of consumption of goods/services. So, China got the economy of scale in developing the country into a more advance country. It is a stronger country in many aspects when comparing to others.

When a country with much fewer people, how to defend their country from the enemies? How long they can withstand the onslaught from their aggressive neighbors?

How the war (6 day war for the example) can be won is an unbelievable one. Few neighbours grouped together and attacking one small country. No need to fight. All of them, Just walk at one go, all enter that small country and can take the victory, occupying that small piece of lands and take over. But, God is amusing and humorous, always confusing/ (not united) them and give victory and safety for His people.

Once, Ghadaffi said that there is no necessity to fight the America. Just go in and start giving birth constantly. That will take over USA.

France, Germany and Barcelona are taken over.

The argument there is between the cousins, the children of Jacob and the children of Ismail. Ever since and will last until...
26/09/2022 6:19 PM
Tobby Beinvested! Yeah, but Bangladesh and India have enormous population too! Indonesia too! But all of them are very shitty!
26/09/2022 6:26 PM
beinvested Yes, you are right. A human race with 5,000 years record of civilization comparing to another...no doubt.

The calendar year from the time of Adam and Eve, is 5783 instead of 2022.
26/09/2022 6:54 PM
chinaman social media claims suggest that Li Qiaoming replaced Xi Jinping as China’s ruler
Speculation about Chinese President Xi Jinping being put under house arrest has taken over social media. Many posts claimed that President Xi Jinping was removed as the Chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and placed under house arrest. According to reports, there has been no official confirmation from the Chinese Communist Party or the State media.

Social media posts suggest that the ‘coup’ was planned and executed when Xi was in Samarkhand for the SCO summit. Rumours circulating over the social network include Xi Jinping has been replaced by Li Qiaoming, the General serving for the Chinese PLA, and Beijing is currently under the army’s control.

A Chinese human rights activist, Jennifer Zeng shared a video on Twitter and claimed that the PLA was moving toward Beijing.
26/09/2022 7:33 PM
Tobby Chinaman! Just India mainstream media playing prank! Ignore!
26/09/2022 7:51 PM
Up_again War is coming and countries already decided on which side they want to be
26/09/2022 8:48 PM
beinvested One of the weapons to tame a country is by using money. Capitalize on cutting edge of the currency exchange rates advantage, like in the case of USA which got the privilege to print the USD bills, USA can defeat many countries easily by destroying the economy side. As the results of the various reasons geopolitically, the USD has become the favorite among the investors and savers.


China can last long because of the unusually large reserve in USD in their possession. They can defend better as compare to many other countries.
26/09/2022 11:34 PM
speakup if anybody stop and analyze, ask yourself who is the one drumming up news calling for war? it is the USA!
the USA wants war to finish off China to preserve its dominance over the world. China is a threat to US economically now, but USA wants to stop China now from becoming a military threat in the future.
27/09/2022 9:50 AM
beinvested They got the land from the natives/Red Indians less than 250 years ago for free.
These Europeans were fighting even among themselves to establish this country known as USA.
Heavy casualty and also a great lost to the natives.
They fought bloodily to keep themselves together and to others they wanted disintegration/destruction.
27/09/2022 11:45 AM
speakup USA should be returned to the Red Indians, all whites go back to europe, all blacks go back to africa
but we know that ain't gonna happen
27/09/2022 11:49 AM
beinvested What did they do?

They sent convicts to develop/opening up the newly controlled land...Australia.

For the new World also, convicts/criminals from the jails were sent to defends their newly acquired lands...
Rather than the imprisonment back home, the criminals were given the option to move to the new found land.

From the beginning in those lands, they fought the natives...always want to fight. In their blood.
27/09/2022 12:14 PM
Lewis Lee another spiritual "master bation" by Uncle Koon ..... He is getting more and more delusional as the days go by ....
28/09/2022 2:31 PM
Lewis Lee CCP is good in bullshiting and this blunt Uncle Koon fell for it ......
28/09/2022 2:39 PM
Tobby Posted by speakup > Sep 27, 2022 9:50 AM | Report Abuse

if anybody stop and analyze, ask yourself who is the one drumming up news calling for war? it is the USA!
the USA wants war to finish off China to preserve its dominance over the world. China is a threat to US economically now, but USA wants to stop China now from becoming a military threat in the future.

Answer : Exactly! Beside war economy also very good for US! If US wins over China, then you see ecooomy boom for US for decades! But question is, would China want to be colonized!
28/09/2022 4:09 PM
Yutpo890 Qqq

Xi Jinping is the perfect human being. Not only does he have iq200+, his pen!s also damn big. Se.x god!
29/09/2022 12:38 AM
Tobby Yutpo! All men are equal! All have 2 inches and can last for 2 minutes! But rumour has it Chairman Xi is not equal! He has 6 inches and can last 6 minutes which is very unusually indeed!
29/09/2022 12:43 AM
Yutpo890 Tobby,

No, not equal. We Chinese people are superior. Our dongs the biggest of all races.
6 minutes? No such thing. Look how Chinese can work 996. If we can do that, se.x also can 996. We only don't because got better things to do.
29/09/2022 12:48 AM
Yutpo890 Qqq. China has lifted millions of chinese out of poverty, so common prosperity has already been achieved. What president Xi is envisioning is commone prosperity 2.0. this would essentilly make China the land of milk and honey. No more sufferinf, just happiness. Before 996 work, soon 996 work+play+orgasms.
29/09/2022 9:24 AM
Yutpo890 Yes, all thanks to Xi Jinping. Other leaders need to learn from him. Especially western leaders.
29/09/2022 3:18 PM
Yutpo890 The s.exiest man in China (and the world) too. Doesn't he make you go hard/wet?
29/09/2022 7:36 PM
Yutpo890 Deng s.exy too. But Xi definitely se.xier. Mao Zedong good swimmer, often shirtless, very s.exy.
29/09/2022 10:35 PM
Yutpo890 They should mate with each other. With their genetics, they can produce the ultimate human being. QQQ, you not horny just thinking about getting into an orgy with them?
29/09/2022 11:46 PM
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